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Ceramic tea cups with Jiaogulan Tea

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Welcome to Aumtea

Since 2002, Aumtea has provided high quality, 100% pesticide-free 
Jiaogulan, White Mulberry and Golden Lily Oolong from the forested hills of Northern Thailand.
Farmed in fresh air and rich soil at the top of the mountains, our tea and herbal infusions are sustainably grown and carefully harvested by farmers experienced in  cultivation without the use of pesticides.
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Aumtea is 100% pure plant, cultivated without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, and it is free of additives. What you purchase is what is picked from the plant – nothing more, nothing less.

Sit and have a cup with us. 

You’ll know there’s something special from the first sip of Aumtea.

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Treat yourself to the perfect cup of tea with Aumtea!

We are committed to ensuring you get the unique and flavorful experience you deserve.

Experience the power of Aumtea today.

About Our Teas

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