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Our Mission

Raise your Cup, Uplift your Spirit

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It's simple: provide high-quality delicious tea.

At Aumtea, our mission is simple: to provide high-quality, delicious teas and herbal infusions that are good for the health of our customer and grown in a way that is healthy for our planet.


Aumtea is deeply grounded in our sense of place. We believe that sustainable practices, both environmentally and economically, are essential to our community and the land.


Aumtea aspires to be a part of our customers’ journey to a healthy, conscious way of life. Cultivation that is 100% free from the use of pesticides or any other chemical substances, minimal processing, and careful packaging and shipping are key elements of maintaining the natural goodness of our products. 


At Aumtea, we love what we do and believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of our teas and herbal infusions. We are committed to providing friendly, responsive service and useful information regarding our products to ensure a wholly positive experience.

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