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About Aumtea

Raise your Cup, Uplift your Spirit

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A tribute to the founder, John Marcus Cofer (1963-2022)

Marc was born in Texas, USA, and spent his adult life venturing beyond many boundaries - his first career was for the most part in California. His spiritual nature continued pulling him further from home towards Asia, initially taking him to India and from there to Nepal, where he resided for several years. 

Then in early 2001, sensing a need for change, Marc left Nepal to visit a friend in Thailand. While there, he enjoyed the picturesque beaches and lively coastal life of the south, but it was a city in the far north that stole his heart: Chiang Mai, nestled in the valley at the foot of Doi Suthep. Here in the rolling outliers of the Himalayas, he was awed by mountains in the mist and a terrain of lush fruitful gardens and fields where farming still made up the main livelihood of the population. Marc fell in love with this abundant land and its friendly people, and it was here he would plant roots and make his next home base.

As Marc began exploring the many facets of his new home, he realized he was

Marc Cofer

looking for something unique - beyond the ubiquitous tourism - to offer to people who could not themselves travel here. He saw that Chiang Mai was already a special place then, infused with a warm welcoming spirit and attracting a growing community, both Thai and foreign, of health-conscious individuals. The number of vegetarian restaurants and health food shops with organic produce was rapidly growing, while yoga courses, diverse alternative health practices and mediation retreats abounded.

It was during one of his outings that Marc tasted his first cup of Jiaogulan.  This naturally sweet and refreshing herbal drink became part of his new daily ritual for the next few months and he was astonished and delighted by the beneficial impact on his health. Eager to share his ‘discovery,’ he started sending samples to family and friends abroad, who soon began reporting positive results similar to his own experience. And in 2002, he founded Aumtea

Over the following 22 years, with great care, commitment and passion, Marc befriended his clients and steadily built the company to what it is today. One of his great prides was to be able to say our award-winning Thailand-grown products remain at the ‘top of the top.’

Sadly, Marc faced several health challenges in these last few years. Although he never wavered from a commitment to cultivating his own healthy habits, he left us suddenly in March 2022. The outpouring of condolences from countless clients, expressing shock or sadness, was testament to Marc’s personal attention and connection to them, and we are deeply grateful and humbled by their loyalty to Aumtea throughout the difficult transition after Marc’s passing. 

In honor of Marc’s beautiful spirit, we look forward to continuing his legacy and celebrating the next two decades!

Love and Light,

The Aumtea Team

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