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Your Jiaogulan journey begins here...

Aumtea’s signature herbal infusion, our award-winning Jiaogulan "tea of longevity" is an impeccable combination of rich flavor and powerful antioxidants. Aumtea’s Jiaogulan has a full-bodied, slightly bittersweet taste that gets sweeter the longer it sits, encouraging you to settle into the present moment and relish this unique beverage.


Jiaogulan is a special type of herb classified as an adaptogen, which means that it does no harm to the body, and works only according to the body's requirements. Studies show that adaptogens such as Jiaogulan can help boost immune, endocrine, and neurological systems, making the body more resilient to stress. 


Known for centuries in Chinese medical texts as “the herb of immortality,” Jiaogulan’s potent compounds are thought to naturally stimulate the body without caffeine. For those trying to phase out sugary caffeinated sodas or coffee, Aumtea’s Jiaogulan is a delicious alternative.


Aumtea’s Jiaogulan tisane is always grown in its natural state, and is 100% free from pesticides, caffeine, coloring, sugar, preservatives and any other chemical  substances. 

“When we discovered Jiaogulan, we loved the taste. When we found it was famous for longevity and health, we began sharing it with friends and family the world over. We had more surprises to come when the Thailand Ministry of Health awarded us 1st Prize for the best tasting tea in the country after sampling our Jiaogulan.”

Marc Cofer, USA/Thailand
Aumtea Founder

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Jiaogulan


Brewing tea and herbal infusions is a blend of art, science, and meditation. 

Follow this guide for a superb cup of Jiaogulan:


  1. Begin by boiling 6-8 ounces (200-250 ml) of pure water. The purity of the water is important, as Jiaogulan has a delicate flavor that can be compromised by chemical additives in the water.

  2. Place one teaspoon of Jiaogulan into a tea strainer, and an extra teaspoon of Jiaogulan into the pot.

  3. Let the water cool for about one minute. The perfect temperature is somewhere between 140-212 F (60-100 C).

  4. Pour a little water over the leaves for about 10-15 seconds to rinse them, and then drain the water.

  5. Fill your pot with water and steep for 3-15 minutes

  6. Pour, serve, and savor!


Recommended Usage: 2-6 cups per day

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