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  • What does adaptogen mean?
    An adaptogen is a special classification of an herb that works as a biological response modifier. Adaptogens cause no harm to the body, help the body adapt to environmental and psychological stressors, and support all of the body’s major systems. Jiaogulan is recognized as an adaptogen.
  • How can I purchase Aumtea as a wholesaler?
    Thanks for asking! Please visit our wholesale page here for more information on purchasing larger quantities.
  • Why our Oolong?
    Aumtea’s Golden Lily Oolong is a Grade A Oolong tea that will please your palate and give you a mild caffeine boost, along with one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants and minerals found in tea. Our Golden Lily Oolong is always organically cultivated, with no added preservatives, coloring or sugar.
  • Why our Mulberry?
    Aumtea’s White Mulberry Leaf Tea doesn’t just have a delightful flavor, but also an abundance of minerals, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When you buy Aumtea’s White Mulberry Leaf Tea, you can be assured that it is always cultivated organically, and is free from pesticides, caffeine, sugar, coloring and preservatives.
  • Why should I buy from Aumtea?
    Thanks for asking. We’re currently a small, women-led enterprise that has operated in Thailand for more than 20 years. Our founder, Marc Cofer, began Aumtea with a vision of sharing the benefits of these healthy and delicious teas and herbals infusions with health conscious tea-lovers around the world. We believe that what we do is valuable, and our commitment to organically grown, pure products is important not just for our clients, but for the health of our planet. We’ll always do our very best to make sure that you’re receiving the best product at a price that’s fair to you, and fair to the communities we work with.
  • Why our Jiaogulan?
    At Aumtea, we do everything we can to preserve the natural potency of Jiaogulan. This includes sun-drying it, heating it at a low temperature to preserve all of its nutrients, sorting out most stems by hand and then gently rolling it. Our Thailand-grown Jiaogulan tends to be sweeter than Jiaogulan from other regions, with a rich, natural flavor. Aumtea’s Jiaogulan is always organically cultivated without any additives. What is picked from the plant is what you sip from your cup, every time.
  • How fast will I get my Aumtea product?
    We do our very best to make sure that our products reach you as soon as possible. 98% of all Aumtea products ship within 24 hours of receiving the order. Currently, our estimated delivery times are as follows: USA/Canada: Delivery within 2-5 days (slightly longer for those living off the US mainland) **UK, EU, AUS, NZ, MY, TW, SG, JP, EU and others: Delivery within 1-3 weeks (shipped via Thailand Priority Registered Airmail) ** PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT SHIPPING TO COUNTRIES OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA We will let you know when we are up and running for those regions. Thank you for your understanding!
  • What if it my Aumtea product is damaged?
    We carefully prepare our products to protect against damage during the shipping process, and we’re truly sorry if your Aumtea product has arrived in poor condition. Please click here for a step-by-step description of our refund process.
  • I’m new to teas and herbal infusions. Which tea do you recommend I start with?
    What a great question – it’s hard to decide! If you’re looking to reduce but not totally cut out your caffeine intake, our robust Golden Lily Oolong may be a good choice as it’s mildly caffeinated and also loaded with other health benefits. If you’re leaning towards a delicious, non-caffeinated tisane that’s low on calories, our White Mulberry Leaf Tea might be a good place to start. Finally, our award-winning Jiaogulan tisane is a perfect choice if you’re searching for something really special. In addition to its unique sweet-slightly bitter flavor, Jiaogulan’s potent compounds can potentially have positive impacts on overall health, stress and energy levels.
  • What if I don't like my Aumtea?
    We always suggest you start with only 100 grams of any Aumtea product you want to try out. If you’re not immediately connecting with the flavor of your product, we recommend giving yourself about 30 days to settle into the taste of Aumtea. This is especially true if you’re recently trying to make the switch from sugary beverages, as the tastebuds need more time to recalibrate.
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